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A special issue edited by Keli Han was published by The Journal of Physical Chemistry A  Information Center    Time:2015-01-07 TEXT SIZE: A A A

      Recently, a special issue about theInternational Conference on Theoretical and High Performance Computational Chemistry (ICT-HPCC) was published by The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. Prof. Keli Han from DICP was theGuest Editor and also published the cover story.

      The ICT-HPCC was organized and supported by the Virtual Laboratory for Computational Chemistry(VLCC) of the Supercomputing Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(SCCAS).Prof. Keli Han was the director of the VLCC. As a pioneer of high performance computing applications in China, SCCAS develops and maintains the Supercomputing Environment of Chinese Academy of Sciences, which can provide computational scientists a powerful collection of integrated computing related resources and services-supercomputers, storage systems, software, visualization, and engineers. Thus, the conference is proposed and organized for promoting and improving the communications between the Chinese computational chemistry community and their international counterparts.Since 2004, the ICT-HPCC has been successfully held for eight times and has received strong support from Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Science and Technology and Bureau of International Cooperation. This special issue described the history and selected excellent papers from ICT-HPCC.

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