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Chinese Journal of Chromatography

  Chinese Journal of Chromatography (CJC) is published by the Science Press and sponsored by the Chinese Chemical Society and undertaken by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and National Chromatographic R. and A. Center. Publication was started in 1984. It is distributed in China and abroad. The Editor in Chief is Professor Zhang Yukui, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  CJC is the only professional journal in China dedicated to report the research on the basic and applied theory in chromatographic area. It attaches more importance on the front-line subjects, up-to-date developments and achievements in chromatographic research and its related areas. It serves as the channels to promote the exchanges of scientific information in chromatographic research and introduce the applications of chromatographic theories and technologies in various sectors.

  The main columns of CJC include Communications, Articles, Reviews, Technical Notes. “Communications” briefly report new, unusual and significant results (limited to four printed pages, i.e. 3000 words). “Articles” present complete descriptions of innovative investigations, or novel and valuable results of a phase research work (around six printed pages, i.e. 4000-5000 words). “Reviews” present a general survey of an outstanding subject in chromatography and should be combined with the research work of the author’s group, generally by the request of the editorial board (around eight printed pages, i.e. 5000-6000 words). “Technical notes” report development and application of new techniques and new instruments, also about renovation and improvement of methods developed before (around three printed pages, i.e. 2000-3000 words). The papers published in CJC are mainly in Chinese, but it also accepts papers written in English, especially for “ Articles” and “Communications”.

  Papers in CJC are abstracted by many international abstracting services and presented in Chemical Abstract (CA), Index Medicus/MEDLINE, Abstract Journal (AJ) of Russia, Cambridge Science Abstracts (CSA) of America, Index Copernicus (IC), Analytical Abstracts (AA) and Japan Information Center of Science and Technology (JICST). In addition, CJC has cooperated with Elsevier BV to publish the International Edition of electronic journal by translating 4-6 best quality articles from each issue of the Chinese Edition into English since 2006.

  CJC has been successively assessed as the Chinese Core Journal of Chemistry Category for many years, and was awarded second prize as 2000 Excellent Journal in Chinese Academy of Science. It is one of the journals to be assessed as the Sources for Statistics and Analysis of Chinese Scientific and Technical Articles. It is collected by the Chinese Science Citation Database, the Chinese Academy Journal Synthesis Evaluation Database, the Chinese Academic Journal (CD) and the Chinese Journal Net, Digital Periodical Cluster of ChinaInfo. It is abstracted by the Abstracts of Chinese Academic Journal. The 2006 impact factor of CJC is 0.608.

  CJC (ISSN 1000-8713) is published bimonthly and contains 120 pages for every issue. International Issue code number is DK21010, and distributed abroad by China National Publishing Industry Trading Corporation (P.O. Box 782, Beijing, China).

  The address of the editorial board of CJC is:

  Address:457 Zhongshan Road, Dalian Institute of Chemical and Physics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian 116023, P. R. China.

  Tel: +86-411-84379021

  Fax: +86-411-84379600


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